Saturday, April 17, 2010


backstabber 2

backstabber 1

backstabber 4

backstabber 5 backstabber 3

Because we’re looking for a change from all that studded belts. What we love about the Backstabber is that it doesn’t exactly stab you on the back, but it does show zippery goodness almost all the way around your waist. Rubberised back for a better fit, and connects with, oh yes, another zip. We used to have them in black but we sold them off in a recent bazaar and, *coughs* snagged one for keeps ;P

Material: PVC/Elastic
Size: Fits from a UK6 – UK12 *strictly not for petites, cos it’s kinda long*
Colours: Vanilla, Cherry




8.2 cm


72.5 cm

Price: RM30


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