Saturday, April 17, 2010



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Hayden Panettiere, Katie Cassidy and Mischa Barton pull off the leopard print in style without looking tacky.

animal 1animal 5

animal 2animal 6

animal 3

animal 4 animal 7

Unleash the animal in you with this leopard print tulip skirt. Front double breasted pockets that are fully functional and close with gold steel zips. Rubberised waist that slips on and off you like a glove. Now on to the “what the heck do I wear with this?!” part… we know that it is a pain to decide on how to match animal print because it is such a strong pattern. We suggest plain coloured tops that are neutral coloured so that the attention goes to the skirt and you won’t end up being tacky. Trust us, when you are able to pull off this trend, you’re one step closer to being the ultimate fashionista.

Material: Light cotton with lining
Size: UK2 – UK6 *strictly for petites*
Colour: Arctic, Safari


Measurements (laid flat)


max 45 cm


max 38cm


39.5 cm

Price: RM42


backstabber 2

backstabber 1

backstabber 4

backstabber 5 backstabber 3

Because we’re looking for a change from all that studded belts. What we love about the Backstabber is that it doesn’t exactly stab you on the back, but it does show zippery goodness almost all the way around your waist. Rubberised back for a better fit, and connects with, oh yes, another zip. We used to have them in black but we sold them off in a recent bazaar and, *coughs* snagged one for keeps ;P

Material: PVC/Elastic
Size: Fits from a UK6 – UK12 *strictly not for petites, cos it’s kinda long*
Colours: Vanilla, Cherry




8.2 cm


72.5 cm

Price: RM30


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