Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tik Tok


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Taylor Momsen, Kristen Bell, Alexa Chung and Katy Perry appreciating the pop of colour their skirts add to their outfit.

tik tok 1 tik tok 7

tik tok 2 tik tok 6

tik tok 3

tik tok 4tik tok 5

Can we say that we fell in love at first sight of Tik Tok? It was the same case as our initial reaction to the song. We loved it too much that it became our summer anthem of ‘09/’10. Bejewelled instead of be-buttoned (ha), its folds creating slimming lines that keep your outfit as preppy chic as possible. We love the pop colours and the fact that the colours look so… happy! If Ke$ha wouldn’t wear this, we’re sure this would most likely be something in a The Ting Tings video. Match this with a stripey top for some Frenchy inspiration, or a lacey top to keep things current. Needless to say you’ll be proud of this addition to your wardrobe!

Material: Polyester/Cotton
Size: UK4 – UK8
Colours: Acid fuchsia, Electric blue


Measurements (laid flat)


max 47.5 cm


max 38 cm


39.5 cm

Price: RM45

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